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Ok, This one is pretty easy. For example, as a result of all of the White Paint, It was named after my Idol and yours Billy Idol’s White Wedding.
Above all, It’s a Nice Day to Start Again so I did.  Getting Married or just attending a White Party, you’ll certainly be a hit at the Valet Stand when you ride up on White Wedding.
Most importantly I started with a Full Frame Single Speed Cruiser. After that i installed a set of  26″ x 3″ Wide White Walls with slightly thinner White Wheels. In addition I added 14″ Handle Bars, Clamp-on Fenders, Gloss White Chain and a Custom Seat with Matching Grips. To sum it up, I painted everything I could Gloss White.
Meanwhile, It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding
“We Sell Cool Toys to Cool People”
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